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1 - Go to the Superpower Wiki.
2 - Click the “Random page” button on the left hand side once. Only once.
3 - Revel (or dismay) in the fact that this is your new superpower. But I bet it’s awesome even if it’s crappy because you now have a superpower. Who wouldn’t want a superpower? No one, that’s who. Unless you’re a dude and you get Pregnancy, which admittedly kind of sucks as far as powers go. Sorry about that.
4 - Post the results. No cheating!

I got: Omnilingualism! =
The innate power to decipher any oral language and speak any fluently. Also known as Innate Multilingualism or Polyglotism.

Capability:  The user can understand any language without the need of special or long-term learning. Can understand writing as well. High level can read sign-language, gestures, and babbling.


Ok Guys

My twitters aren't posted to my LJ so any posts saying I do are spam or a virus. Just in case someone actually thought that was me.

Pattern seeking!

As a human I am trained to see patterns because this means I would live another day if I were a long-past version of myself.
So now, because I'm slightly more assured of my longevity, my pattern seeking mind needs something to work on.


Summer Olympics in Beijing
Ironman 1 released.
'You Suck: a love story' the (only) sequel to a Christopher Moore book released.
and NIN releases The Slip: the entirely free all new album after 2 years of hinting and whatnot.


Winter Olympics in Vancouver
Ironman 2 being released.
'Bite Me: a love story', now the only 3rd sequel to a Christopher Moore series

and NIN's been hinting at something.

Is history repeating itself? No.
Is this an excuse for me to be convinced NIN will release something /new/ rather than the super duper deluxe edition of The Fragile? Oh yes.

The Real World, College Edition

So this is my last semester in college (hopefully for a good long time) and I've been trying to talk to and gather as many resources as I can to prepare myself for this proverbial 'real world' that everyone older than I am has been talking about.

"Oh, you're graduating soon, aren't you?" they ask.
"Yep!" I reply, both with a gleam of excitement and wariness in my eye, "This April, strike willing".
This either leads into a conversation about the potential upcoming strike, or the inevitable question:
"Ah, then you'll be out in the Real World, won't you?"
And to this I give a respectful but flat "Mmhmm, we'll see what happens."

This has happened to me so often from people I've spoken to that I must wonder: what else is in this 'Real World', aside from the lack of a school schedule, that I'm missing out on?
 Frankly, in some ways I feel offended that in my final semester, my final 16 weeks of 18 years consecutive education, many people I am asking about what to do in this time of transition assume that I'm still living in a fantasy land. I feel they aren't taking me seriously because I am still in college.

Mind you, as I have come to learn, I live a pretty darn comfortable lifestyle right now, and I can say I have it better off than millions of people in Canada. I have been gifted the chance for an education, a warm, secure, stable environment in which to live, a cupboard full of food, and a family who supports me. But I have not come this far without my own lessons learned, and my own scars to show for them.

  No, I don't have a mortgage to pay, car payments to make, a family to raise, or worries about my job, but please respect my views, however naive I may appear to you.

Women in the Animation Industry

This has been an interesting topic I have only recently started paying attention to, and after a conversation with a number of my classmates, I feel I must ask the internet (and all the useful people out there) what their opinions are.

This is regarding Women in the Animation Industry, as well as Animation schools. (If you wish, this also applies to Fine Arts as well)

I know many of you who are on my flist out there are in, or have graduated, an animation-based school, and so have experience with it.

Have you noticed if women are treated differently in the classroom (especially considering the subject we are in has a considerably higher number of men as students compared to women) by the other classmates (or even teachers)?

It has only recently come to my realization that I try to act differently in my classroom (of mostly men) compared to when I am with my friends: I feel I need to hold back my emotions and opinions regarding things, and brush things off - to 'be a man' as it were.
(Please note that this has been a part of my personality since childhood, but only recently have I paid attention to it in regards to my class.)

When speaking to a number of other (female) classmates, they too have felt similarly, or that they have been treated differently because they are women. Now, the experiences they gave to me were only regarding certain groups within the program, but they held weight just the same.
One classmate has worked harder than anyone else I know to become an excellent animator and layout artist, and she has felt that even if she knows exactly what she is talking about, at times other (male) classmates will ask a question, she will answer, and the classmates will ask other, lesser knowledgeable, but male, classmates (and get the wrong answer, no less).

There were a number of stories passed around where some students have made comments that women would not be as good at drawing as men, whereas women would be better painters. If I were to patch together a reason for this I could try to understand, but considering that drawing is a very gender neutral task, at no point would I expect there to be an assumed skill-level of drawing when considering men compared to women.

And, as usual, there were the experiences thrown around where certain individual men are simply the hard-headed type and are loathe to change any opinion, ever, especially regarding women.

My own opinion is that I have not noticed until now any differences in my classmates simply because I am a girl, and they extend toward my behaviour in class. I am at a loss as to whether I should question my classmates or not, for fear of being branded a 'feminist'.

In truth, I should let my portfolio and demo reel do the talking for me, but when asking for critique on a demo-reel, such stereotypes may come into play.

Have you noticed your classmates/co-workers are competitive because of your (or others') gender?

So, Internet, Flist, and potential readers:

What are your experiences regarding women in Animation (in ALL areas of the industry), or women in Art?

I strongly encourage this post to be passed around to your friends and your own Flists, as I am very curious to know.


I recently read this note

Which spouts the joys of being six again. And to some point I agree.
But then I with to rebuttle this.

I want to be an adult.

I want to stay up all night because I can, even if it means being exhausted for my day ahead of me.

I want to watch any tv without a curfew because I own the tv, I pay for the cable, and I like changing the channel to something my parents would frown on me watching just because I can.

I want to feel the satisfaction and sheer joy of getting money handed to me because I did stuff: not because they were chores, not because I asked my parents if I would get money by doing something around the house, but that I spent 8 hours or more doing anything, and I get money for it. Three digit kind of money.

I want to open the fridge when I'm hungry and know that everything in there I like, or will like at some point, during the time I am hungry, because I got it, and I can get it whenever I want.

I want to leave the house and go anywhere, anywhere in the world, and no one will question it. No one will ask where my escorts are.

I want to get a tattoo and not get kicked out of the house for it.

I want to do things that are Important, because as an adult, they do Important things, even if they're really boring. Like taxes.

I want to decorate my room however I want with glitter and glowlights, because I can get them and put them up whenever I want.

I want to be an adult.

I want to be called 'ma'am' when I pick up the phone. Moreso: I want to get spam calls.

I want to see all the bad, sad, and wrong things in the world, and I know I can do something about it and someone will take me seriously.

I want to not see the world in black and white like a 6 year old, because that would mean anyone who doesn't agree with me would immediately think I'm wrong.

I want to be able to spend hours and hours in the places I like, and not just 4 because I get tired very quickly.

I want to get excited and like things because of the art and skill inherent in them, not because it was advertised 8 times in bright colours with a jingle.

I want to call teachers by their first names and not feel like it's an infraction on their privacy.

I want to see other Important People and know they are just like I am.

I want to be an adult.

Because being an adult means that you can do all the things you were when you were 6, and people will think you're a lighthearted soul. Being an adult means you can have nap time and snack time AND do all the things you said you would do when you were 6, too.

Being an adult is fun, because you can have fun and be responsible at the same time. And they are Very Important Things.


Roadtrips makes for many dreams.

Had a dream I met my true love, who was this guy I had a crush on back in 2nd year, only he cut his hair, shaved, and had something going on with his teeth, and was about 6 inches shorter. And we were talking in the kitchen and it felt like the best thing ever.

Had another dream I was talking to the next first year class in animation, who was mostly girls this time, and yet no one wanted to hang out with each other. And the sun and the moon were in the sky at the same time, with the day sky on one side, and the night sky on the other, then the sun and the moon kinda aligned, and I shut my eyes, and everything went amazingly dark for a few seconds, then the sun moved on and things went smoothly. And I wondered what would happen if the world ended.

And one more where I was walking in the TEL building, when everyone else was dressed all halloween-like, and I had thrown together this sweatpants and sweater thing and felt horribly out of place, and then I walked by Alex Gnap, who looked over and saw Sinead, and they ran and hugged, and then Alex Douglas showed up, and all the girls from high school showed up, and all walked into the cafe that was nearby to chat and catch up, and I still couldn't help thinking about how awkward it was I was walking around York in sweatpants and slippers for this one day.

And one that I can't remember entirely, but it involved the Keele bus.

Oct. 22nd, 2009

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Oct. 19th, 2009

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